The Bill Blair Birthday Landing Party 2005

The 2005 Bill Blair Birthday Landing Party was definitely not a gamble in Las Vegas-Everyone was a winner!

Tours of the Strip and Down Town Las Vegas occurred almost nightly-hosted by Bill Blair-for small groups. You have never seen Vegas until you have seen it with Bill!

Any one who was anyone--Even Bobby Clark (The Gorn Captain from Star Trek TOS)--showed up at the Meet-and-Greet on Sunday. Three local Las Vegas fans and two fans from Germany joined the fanclub that evening. A group of us went out to Romano's Macaroni Grill for a late but lavish dinner filled with lively conversation.

Monday was the day we held the art show and autograph session. It was a colorful success. Bobby Clark graciously entertained everyone with his wonderful stories of his life and cowboy tales of the open range. This man is so full of knowledge that it is truly an impressive thing to be in a room with him for such a time. One can learn a lot.

We all traveled to the Hilton Hotel and Casino to view the Star Trek Experience together on Tuesday afternoon. We were accosted by a Ferengi and Klingon Warrior while enjoying an out-of-this-world meal at Quarks later that evening. Hey, the Warp-core drinks come in virgin, too! After dinner some of us took another away mission--to see Jonathan and Music Magic at Bally's--for more drinks and dancing.

Wednesday was the all-anticipated demo day. By the make-up magic of Carl Taliaferro, Bill was transformed-from his lanky, yet handsome self-into Vincent from Beauty and The Beast. Vincent and the group toured Circus Circus Hotel and Casino until one of the guards got jealous and asked us to leave. Many a child was thrilled to see Vincent touring the "boardwalk" area. Unfortunately Carl did change Vincent back into Bill Blair at the end of the day. We did have door-prizes to give out to our wonderful attendees, after all. Everyone in attendance received at least one prize.

The last "official" event was held on Thursday at the Rio. The Ronn Lucas Show was an amazing display of ventriloquism expertise. Ronn personally escorted the group into the showroom. Everyone had a wonderful time. Scortch-the teenage dragon-was in fine voice. Cowboy Billy was . . . well, his usual Cowboy Billy self! And Chuck-the punk-was a real cut-up.

Some of us moved to The Four Queens in Downtown Las Vegas on Friday.

The After Party on Friday gave those who could stay even more tours by Bill of Las Vegas. That night we went out once again to see Jonathan and Music Magic at Bally's--for more drinks and dancing.

Some of us stayed at least until Saturday or Sunday night. We toured Down Town Las Vegas, gambled and drank our fills. None of us really went home broke. We all had souvenirs and great memories from such a fun-filled week with good friends who became family.

Comment from Becky S. - IL

Everyone who went agreed that the convention was a fun, family like event that did not disappoint.

Comment from Claudia W. - Germany

Karin and I really enjoyed this family-like gathering in Las Vegas which was much more relaxing and personal than a huge convention. It was fun seeing Toni and Bill again as well as meeting new people. And Bobby Clark's guest talk was very interesting. But we guess what was most fascinating to see the make-up demostration with Bill morphing into the Beast (Vincent from Beauty and The Beast)........Lots of greetings from far away Germany to all of you: Live long and prosper!